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Keeping You And Your Apartment Happy And Healthy

If you have a stressful day, the last thing you want is to come home to a messy apartment. Your apartment should be your sanctuary. Home is where you get to check your troubles at the door, and the following are some basic tips that will allow you to do so. Stay happy and healthy in one of 1st Lake’s many New Orleans area apartment communities!

Clean – Instead of waiting for the weekend to spend it cleaning the house after a week’s worth of dirt and clutter, break it down and spend 20 minutes a day cleaning. That way the house will be clean every day and you don’t have to devote a whole weekend to picking up the past week’s mess.

Organize – One of the most aggravating things ever is not being able to find something – typically keys – when it’s time to leave the house. Make sure everything in your apartment has its own home so you always know where to find it. Use the same logic for the rest of the apartment as you do when organizing closets or junk drawers.

Breathe – Literally. Let your apartment and in turn yourself breathe easier with indoor houseplants. Use our guide to easy indoor houseplants for the best types to grow in your apartment. Not only do they spruce up the place, but they are great natural medicine!

Think – Think about what makes you most happy about your apartment and incorporate it into your daily home life. Is it keeping it neat and tidy? Displaying photos of friends and family? A pet? Good karma by doing chores even if it’s not “your turn?” Decide what will make you happy at home, practice those things and so it shall be.