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Laundry Stain Treatment Tips

If your clothes have been unfortunate enough to bear the brunt of a spill or stain do not fret! The solution could be as close as your kitchen cabinets and cheaper than the harsh chemicals you would regularly purchase.

For starters, you can create a handy soap jelly which can be a great pre-treatment for stained laundry. You can keep a jar handy in the laundry room.

To make your soap jelly, all you’ll need are a glass jar, a laundry soap bar (or non-perfume soap bar), and hot water! Take your bar of soap and shave it down until the shavings fill half of the jar. Fill the rest of the jar with hot water (boiling if the jar can handle that much heat without shattering), then cover with the lid. Allow the water to soak into the soap a bit to soften it up, then shake it hard or stir it thoroughly until the soap is dissolved. Once the soap is dissolved, allow it to cool completely. The soap and water mixture will form a soap jelly that is ideal for using on laundry stains. Just apply to any of those stubborn clothing stains using a soft brush. Make sure to scrub gently to avoid damaging the cloth.

If you’re at a wine gathering and get red wine spilled on your shirt or blouse, someone else’s white wine may help to save the day! Grab a napkin to dab the wine and neutralize it from dripping elsewhere on your clothing. Then, if you have a bottle or glass of white wine handy, pour it over the red wine stain and thoroughly dab it. As crazy as it may sound, white wine will neutralize the red wine and make the stain vanish! With the stain neutralized, you can throw the item of clothing in with your next load of laundry. But, beware! Make sure the stain is completely gone before you toss your item in with the other laundry! The heat of the dryer will cause the stain to set if it’s still present, making it a permanent part of the garment. The same rule applies to an iron, so never iron a stained piece of clothing!

Whatever the stain, there’s a way to neutralize it! So have fun knowing every stain has a solution!