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MDAS Most Wanted

On May 26th, some of Metairie’s “most wanted” went to jail for a great cause!

Participants in The Lock-Up Luncheon at Zephyr Field were “arrested” and brought to the field, where they had to call friends for “bail money”. All of the proceeds from the friendly bail money went toward helping those with Muscular Dystrophy. The event raised $43,098, with the funds raised from jailbirds going toward 30 minutes of research, 5 or more minutes of research, annual flu shots, physical therapy sessions,  support group sessions, and the Children’s MDA Summer Camp.

Muscular Dystrophy affects people of all ages and races worlwide. Its incidence varies, as some forms are more common than others. The most common forms of Muscular Dystrophy occur in children. Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy alone affect approximately 1 in every 3,500 to 5,000 boys, or between 400 and 600 live male births each year in the United States. All of the various forms of the disease are inherited and involve a mutation in one of the thousands of genes that are necessary for muscle integrity. Many cases of Muscular Dystrophy occur from spontaneous mutations that are not found in the genes of either parent, and this defect can be passed to the next generation.

The proceeds from this great event will help in many ways. Some of the money will go to clinics that provide skilled and specialized medical care. Other portions of the funds raised will go toward cutting edge research and investigation into treatments for MDA and potential cures. Funding from the enent will also aid in obtaining equipment that will help those afflicted with the disease in coping with challenges. A camp also received a portion of the donations, which will help children with Muscular Dystrophy have a barrier-free week of fun, friendship, and much needed laughter!

For more information on how you can help fight Muscular Dystrophy and make a difference in your community, visit There you will find information on how MDA makes a difference to people around the country and in your area! Three cheers to all the participants who helped raise awareness and aid in the care of those with Muscular Dystrophy! The event was a fun time for a great cause.