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Modern Bathroom Gizmos

If one’s home is a castle, the bathroom is surely the all-important throne room. As such, it is only appropriate that this space is outfitted with finery befitting a king! Luckily for modern gentry, the amenities available for one’s bathroom are markedly more posh than medieval. Consider adding a few of the gizmos below to your throne room to add a little royal treatment to your daily routine.

Notes of Genius

The warmth and tranquility of a soothing hot shower are qualities likely to put one’s mind at ease. With the chattering of the day’s activities locked securely outside the door, the bathroom provides a haven for the mind to wander at leisure. As such, you might have a great idea or two, too, while you’re relaxing. But what can you do with an idea you have in the shower?

Two words – waterproof notepad! AquaNotes has designed such a notepad, complete with suction cup backing to secure the pad to a shower wall. There’s even a pencil included with a suction cup holder to mount alongside the pad.

No Soaps Barred

Liquid is the favored state of soap in the modern day, but the Kikkerland company has introduced a gadget for the bathroom that may just change the tide. The Suction Soap Holder Magnet is designed just for bar soaps. This handy gizmo consists of a suction cup, to be attached to a smooth surface, and an arm with a cap type fixture at the end that suspends the bar of soap. Say goodbye to gooey bar soap messes!

Germ- and Hands-Free

The company that brought the Roomba vacuum cleaner to the modern world, iRobot, is now tackling the toughest room in the house with their robot cleaning machines. The Scooba 230, which retails for just under $300, promises to eliminate 97 percent of common household bacteria on surfaces including linoleum and tile. The Scooba 230 does need to be filled with a special iRobot cleaning solution, but like its Roomba brother, the Scooba 230 is designed to scoot under cabinets and around toilets for the utmost in robot-delivered cleanliness.