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How to Create More Space in Your Apartment

Whether you’re entertaining guests or just having a relaxing night watching Netflix, it’s important to feel like you’ve got space to breathe.

Even though 1st Lake’s apartments are quite spacious, there are plenty of ways to creatively and elegantly “open up” your home. Read on for a few tips on how to add depth and space to your apartment!

Monochromatic Colors

Implementing a monochromatic color scheme in your living space will immediately give it a sense of increased space and depth. According to Apartment Therapy, “Monochromatic schemes are more peaceful as a rule, as the eye can move easily around the room without abrupt interruption by other colors.”

Glass & Mirrors

Adding glass to doors and walls will create the sensation of added space by disrupting the continuity of wallpaper and paint, and mirrors create the perception that your space is twice as large as it actually is. Glass also adds a sense of delicacy to your living room or bathroom.


Studies have shown that the more furniture you put in a room, the smaller it appears. Try to limit your use of big furniture pieces, such as ornate couches, coffee tables, and chairs.

Try instead using open-framed chairs and tables to maximize visibility within your living spaces. Also, “fitted” furniture designed to hug walls and corners are preferable to pieces that aren’t suited to maximize movement within your living space. Mounted televisions and speakers free up lots of space compared to stand-alone units.

Natural Light

Make use of natural light by using light-colored fabrics and sheers for curtains, because they will pleasantly diffuse light.  

Brighter color schemes in your living space will be more reflective of natural or indirect light, giving your room a sense of spaciousness and fluidity.

Make Use of Storage Space

Take advantage of the spaces underneath your counters and inside your cabinets. Freshome says, “Don’t forget space on top of your cabinets, refrigerator, and back of the bathroom door. In the bedroom, take advantage of space under the bed, and over doorways.”

Also, finding ways to hang miscellaneous items within cabinets as well as using vertical bookshelves is a simple and extremely effective way of creating space.

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