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Moving To New Orleans in 2013 New Orleans Named Best American City

Moving To New Orleans In 2013? New Orleans Named Best American City

Are you planning a move to the Big Easy in 2013? You’re in luck – for two consecutive months, New Orleans has been named the “Best American City” by Travel + Leisure.

Wondering what other cities made the list? Well, Santa Fe, Nashville, New York, Minneapolis, San Diego, Savannah, Charleston, West Virginia, San Francisco, and Chicago all made appearances, but none outshone New Orleans!

Back in October 2012, New Orleans came in 8th on Conde Nast Traveler’s list of Top 10 Cities in the United States. And praise, such as this could not come at a better time as the city gets ready to host the Super Bowl in February 2013. But, no matter which team wins the Super Bowl, New Orleans is the clear winner, scoring in the top five in more than half of the magazine’s 66 categories, including fine dining and music scene. In total, Travel + Leisure asked readers to rate 35 metropolitan areas, and New Orleans still came out on top.

What makes New Orleans so special? It’s a well-rounded city that still knows how to have fun. There’s delicious find dining, amazing architecture, great shopping, and amazing music. Plus, the locals are friendly, and there’s tons of history everywhere you look!