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New Orleans Mardi Gras Tips

Mardi Gras is kicking into gear, and the entire greater New Orleans area is about to become a party! While locals and tourists alike can get together to enjoy this fantastic carnival season, it’s also imperative everyone be prepared.

Parking –

Dealing with your parking situation can save you a lot of headaches and money! This time of year, there is always a very limited amount of parking around parade routes.

  • If you’re traveling to a heavily populated area such as the French Quarter, try carpooling, taking the streetcar, a taxi, or having a friend drop you off near the festivities to save you the hassle. Getting back and forth to where you’re going without having to drive a vehicle can save you a lot of time and stress.
  • If you are driving to and from the parades, make sure you observe all restricted parking areas around you. This includes not parking in front of fire hydrants, driveways, no parking zones, loading areas, and other places that may get you ticketed or towed!
  • It is also imperative you do not park on the parade routes at any time near the parades. The New Orleans City Ordinance states that there is to be no parking on the parade routes 2 hours prior or 2 hours after the parades. If you think you may be on the parade route, double check and make sure that you get your vehicle moved before it’s too late!

Possessions –

Once you’ve ensured your vehicle is parked safely and legally, make sure that your vehicle isn’t a target for vandals.

  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle, or if you have to leave something of value in the vehicle, move it or hide it from public view.
  • Make sure all doors on your vehicle are locked before walking away. Sometimes, this simple mistake can make things all too easy for a potential thief.
  • Take a walk around to  make sure that your windows are closed and keys are on your person.
  • Either memorize or keep something with your license plate information on you at all times. In the unfortunate event your vehicle is towed away or stolen, this will assist the police in quickly determining what has happened and locating your vehicle.

If you follow these basic rules and exercise common sense, you can have a fantastic and safe Mardi Gras season!