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Organizing Your Apartments Junk Drawer

We all have one – that little, or maybe big, spot in our apartment used for miscellaneous items, otherwise known as junk. Whether it’s a drawer, a closet, or even a room, it doesn’t have to be junky. It may be the designated place for things that don’t belong anywhere else, but it can still be organized.

This space allotted for random household items, if left unkempt for too long, can quickly become a big mess. If that’s the case, step one is to completely empty the contents and start fresh. Throw out anything that is trash, broken, or that you simply don’t have a need for anymore.

Once you’re left with what you want to keep, it’s time to start organizing. Most things end up in a junk drawer because they don’t make sense anywhere else in the apartment. Take those things and sort them according to function. Are they tools? Office supplies? Personal items like matches, magnets, chalk, pens, etc? Insert or install dividers into the drawer or closet and place the groups of items into the individual sections. That way you’ll be able to find what you need quicker instead of searching through a bunch of clutter for that one little piece.

Take these steps to turn your junk drawer into a tidy one for all those knickknacks that you might start using more once they’re organized, clearly visible and easier to find!

1st Lake’s apartments communities in Mandeville, River Ridge and Slidell Louisiana have plenty of cabinets and large closets that make organizing extraneous gadgets that much easier.