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Sales That Suit Your Style And Your Budget

Looking for more pieces to make your apartment feel like home? We did the digging for you and found deals on everything you need! From kitchen appliances to accent tables, we scrounged up several sales you can benefit from today!

1. Kitchen Clearance

Spice up your kitchen with new cookware! With up to 75% off from Sur La Table, you can feel like a master chef while trying out that new recipe. Plus, take advantage of Williams & Sonoma’s semi-annual cookware event and save up to 25%  on essentials at Home Depot. We love this juicing blender from Sur La Table and it’s currently 56% off! 

Juicing Blender from

2. Bed & Bath Bargains

Looking for a fresh new look for your room or bathroom? Head to the semi-annual bed & bath sale at Wayfair. They’ve got steals like this classic comforter set that’s 78% off! Oh and you can snag 60% off items at Birch Lane’s Memorial Day Presale.

Comforter Set from

3. Furniture Finds

Home Depot does it again with this functional, classic side table. With up to 25% off here, you can find anything from headboards to dining tables without breaking the bank. 

White side table from

4. More Steals

Still have things on your shopping list? No worries, we found even more deals. We love how this rug from West Elm adds subtle color and class to the room (and that it’s 25% off!) Once you’ve filled your virtual shopping cart, take advantage of the Overstock Memorial Day Blowout with up to 70% off and free shipping! World Market has big sales on everything too! From chairs to towels and even snacks, you can get a bargain. 

Verve rug from


Already have your pieces but need a place to call home? Check out our apartment homes to find your perfect place today! 

Gifts For Mom That Won’t Bust the Bank

It’s impossible to put a price on moms; they’re just so precious to us. But when it comes to gift-giving, it can be overwhelming to find just the right gift at a price we can afford. So we crafted six thoughtful gift ideas that don’t break the bank.

1. Breakfast In Bed

Start Mother’s Day off strong by making her favorite breakfast. Awaken mom with a gentle knock on the door and the scent of fresh-brewed coffee wafting through the air. Deliver her meal on a tray (and for extra brownie points, add fresh flowers!). Mom will love the royal treatment! Need breakfast inspo? Country Living has plenty of recipes you can try.

2. Mother’s Day Concert with Irma Thomas at the Audubon Zoo

Take a trip to Audubon Zoo with your mama. With Audubon gifting moms free admission and a free concert by Irma Thomas, it is a lovely way to spend the afternoon together! Find more info here. 

Photo by

3. Handwritten Note 

Your mom knows you love her, but take a pen to paper and remind her of all the reasons why. It might seem like a simple gift, but we’re pretty sure she will treasure it forever! Hallmark has some tips on how to write a sweet note to mama.

Photo by

4. Give Mom A Day Off

Give your mom a break by sending her to her favorite restaurant or cafe with a gift card. While she is out enjoying time to herself, you can clean her house or run her errands. Find out how to pull off giving Mom a day to herself here (with some extra ideas too!)

Photo by

5. Create a Photo Book

Find your favorite photos with Mom and create a photo book. You can make one for only $15 at Artifact Uprising.

Photo by

6. A Spa Package

Pamper your mama with a spa package. Whether you want to pitch in with others and pay for a spa experience, or if you want to DIY for Mom, we can help. Learn how to make your own spa package here. Or take advantage of your Resident Rewards and gift Mom with spa services from places like Chronos Wellness, Le Cristal Nails, or Franco’s Health Club Mandeville

Spa package.

Now you are ready to show your mother just how much you cherish her without stressing about spending lots of money!


The City Where Creatives Live

In Thrillist’s latest article, The Best American Cities for Creatives (That You Can Actually Afford to Live In), guess who ranked top 15?

That’s right! Nola is booming with opportunities for creatives to work and live without busting the bank. 

With such an influx of incredible people making the move here, we’ve been adding even more apartments and even better amenities! From resort-style pools with poolside food delivery to free bike rentals, it’s even more enticing to make your home here. Not to mention, all of the incredible attractions throughout the Greater New Orleans area like biking paths and Farmers Markets!

Clearwater Creek Premier Apartments

But if you’re like us, you prefer having the option to head into the city when you want to, while dwelling in the suburbs for your day in and day out routine. For that reason, we have bark parks and outdoor fitness centers, movie rentals and more, so you never really have to leave if you don’t want. Plus, all of our communities are just a short drive from some of the best shopping, dining, and entertaining you can find! 

Bella Ridge Bark Park

Need help looking for a new apartment? We’d love to help. Just head to our homepage and start your apartment search today! Or, you can take our apartment quiz to find out which apartment size is just right for you!

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Spring Cleaning: How To Deep Clean Your Apartment

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to give your apartment the deep clean it deserves. Soon, you’ll be having family gatherings and dinner parties with friends, and the relaxed housekeeping techniques you used during your winter hibernation will need to change.

Read on for the best ways to deep clean the rooms in your apartment.

The Living Room

Your living room is a notorious location for dust. That’s why dusting is priority number 1 here. 

Using a duster, dust the living room from top to bottom. We mean that literally: start by dusting the corners of the ceiling, move to picture frames, tabletops and furniture, and then thoroughly dust the baseboards. After you’ve systematically dusted the room, move on to the door frames. 

Next, use a rag, water, and furniture polish to scrub down any chair/couch legs and tabletops. Once you’ve cleaned all the hard surfaces, use your vacuum hose attachment to remove debris from all cushions and crevices. Next, vacuum the carpet and mop any wood flooring. 

The Kitchen

First, use the same dusting process you used in the living room.

Next, explore the refrigerator. Chances are you’ll need to throw out some expired food and clean some spills. Scrub the interior of the refrigerator thoroughly, and wipe it down with a dry towel.

Using disinfectant, scrub all appliances (stove, oven, microwave, etc.) with the same care that you cleaned the refrigerator. Afterwards, disinfect all kitchen surfaces so that you can cook in a sterile environment. Finish cleaning the kitchen by mopping the floor. 

The Bedroom

Winter coats, furry sweaters, thick scarves–these things can take up a lot of space in your closets and dressers. Fold ’em up in an air tight space bag and place them on the top shelf of your closet! Have items you know you’ll never wear again? Pack those up too and bring them to your local donation center.

Next, your bed. Let’s clear the air and admit: we’ve all shoved things under our beds right before company comes over. But today is the day you tackle that beast. Take a few minutes to climb under there and remove any items you find. You might just stumble upon that other sock you’ve been looking for or that sandwich you made a few weeks ago (we won’t tell). Trash what’s trash and re-organize what’s important.

Curtains and carpet: we hope you clean these items more than just once a year, but in the event that you don’t, it’s time to start. Give your carpets a deep vacuum to remove any pet hair, human hair, dust, and dirt. There’s nothing like fresh vacuum lines marking the trail of your cleanliness. Curtains are the next thing you will want to vacuum. Grab your handheld vacuum for this task. Then from top to bottom, bust that dust!    

The Bathroom

Dust all necessary items, just like the living room and the kitchen.

Use a glass cleaner to make your mirror shine! Disinfect the counters and sink.  Scrub the shower/tub area with a mild cleaner like distilled vinegar, and use mildew spray if necessary afterward. Wash or replace your shower curtain if necessary.

Tackle the toilet bowl with toilet bowl disinfectant. Make sure to clean the handle and seat. 

Last, mop the floor, and enjoy your fresh bathroom!

Other Resources

There are plenty of other sites that have great tips on giving your apartment a deep clean. Try, BuzzFeed, and U-Pack for more great cleaning advice.

Once your apartment is clean as a whistle, start inviting your friends to your apartment with pride!