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Pet Care At Home Odor Control

Pets are wonderful life and living companions and 1st Lake Properties recognizes this with their pet-friendly policies. But having a pet also means extra care must be taken to maintain the health and cleanliness of your apartment and also for your pet. To avoid having unwanted pet odor, make sure you’re following basic pet care rules. If you need a refresher, we’ve included them below!

Vacuum: This is essential for pet owners, and especially those with long haired pets. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair that is not only messy but carries odor with it. If your budget allows, a self running vacuum like a Roomba iRobot can virtually do the work for you. If you have hardwood floors, a Swiffer is a great and affordable option.

Litter Box: One of the biggest contributors to pet emitting odors is the litter box. To keep the air quality in your apartment unpolluted, make sure to either manually clean it daily and replace the litter weekly or invest in a self cleaning litter box.

Caretaking: A healthy and happy pet is synonymous with a clean pet. Make sure to bathe your pet, brush its teeth or provide it with dental chew toys and treats, and feed it a high quality diet. Besides cleaning what your pet leaves behind, cleaning your pet itself is crucial to avoiding unfavorable pet odors in your apartment.

Pet Area: Set up a designated spot for your pet, whether it’s a comfy crate or a pet bed. By keeping an area reserved for your pet to spend most of its lounging time, it will limit the other areas of the apartment where your pet could spread odors and you can clean that one area regularly to keep it fresh.