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Pet Dog Costume Ideas for Barkus and Beyond

In New Orleans, you never need a reason to don a crazy outfit – even your pet dog needs costume ideas!

Whether it’s Halloween, the Mystic Krewe of Barkus parade, or anything in between, here are a few pet costume ideas for your dog.

For Barkus

Each year, the Mystic Krewe of Barkus hosts a Mardi Gras parade just for the dogs. Created in 1992, this pet-focused festivity marches through the French Quarter with  man’s best friend as the main attraction. Pets in costumes is highly encouraged, with their humans acting as their escorts. 

Need some pet costume ideas for your dog’s Barkus outfit? Here’s some inspiration:

Green, purple and gold are great colors to dress up up for Mardi Gras - and an even better pet costume idea for Barkus!

Photo by @geauxnemo via Instagram

Mardi Gras Colors

Outfitting your pet in green, yellow and purple is the perfect way to celebrate the Carnival season. You’ll definitely be in good company with other Barkus paraders on the big day!

DIY Red, White, and Blue Costume

For an easy DIY costume, you can bedeck your dog in patriotic colors using ribbons tied around his collar. Or, you can browse these patriotic costumes. Bonus points: they’ll double as costumes for the 4th of July!

A matching outfit is the perfect pet costume ideas for you and your pet's mardi gras parade

Photo by @mystic_krewe_of_barkus via Instagram

Matching Outfits

Identical costumes for both humans and pets is always a parade-goer’s favorite. Sporting the same tutu, fun hat, or crazy sunglasses as your pet is a great way to get in the festive spirit together!

A Store Bought Costume Always Works

Party City has an online shop with dozens of pet costumes to choose from, related to pop culture, classic themes, pirates, superheroes and more. You can also visit the Party City retail store in the Elmwood shopping center right near our new Bella Ridge property.

Lagniappe: Cat Costumes

Your feline friend probably won’t be as willing to don a costume, but if you decide she just can’t be without a Mardi Gras getup, consider online shops like Etsy that sell handmade cat costumes. Just remember that Fluffy might be more inclined for a festive collar rather than a full-on costume – most pet stores have a wide selection of cat collars in fun colors and patterns.