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Project Repurpose: What’s Old Is New Again

Updating the look and feel of your home doesn’t mean you have to buy new furniture or interior design merchandise. Make the old new again by repurposing old furniture, clothing or pottery. Here are some ideas of how to get creatively crafty with giving your apartment a vintage makeover.

Instead of throwing out grandma’s old rocking chair, give it a facelift with new upholstery. Reupholstering furniture is one of the most basic yet effective ways to transform old pieces to new. Pick out a modern material that you like to replace the original pattern, sand and stain or paint the piece of furniture, and you won’t even believe it’s the same one!

Do you have old, delicate bowls, saucers or china that you don’t use as regular dishware? Little decorative pieces like that make for great jewelry storage. Use pottery heirlooms as pretty jewelry organizers for earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Check out other great ideas for reusing household items for jewelry storage from Apartment Therapy.

Chances are you have some old clothing in one of your closets or drawers that you never wear anymore. If there are articles of clothing that you don’t want to donate because they are faded or have holes, instead of throwing them away, think about how you can reuse them in the home. Some ways to do this are using old sweaters for lampshades, turning old shirts into tote bags, and anything else you can think of. Use your imagination!

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