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Swimming Pool Workout

Summer is making its way to New Orleans, and that means the next few months will be teeming with sweltering heat and humidity. These extreme elements can make your daily jog unbearable (and even dangerous!). All 1st Lake Properties have a swimming pool – one of the many apartment property amenities made available to residents.  So for the next few months, why not give those running shoes a break and hop into the pool for a cooler way to exercise at your apartment?!

You can get an intense full body workout in the apartment pool without feeling sticky and overheated. The water creates extra resistance, for a greater challenge, along with taking pressure off of damaged or sore joints. The only equipment you really need is a swimsuit. For an advanced workout, try incorporating water weights.

To get the most of your water workout, follow these tips:

  • Don’t go deeper than waist-high. That way your feet will have good contact with the pool floor and your leg muscles will be able to support some of your weight.
  • For best results, wear water shoes to improve traction.
  • Drink lots of water during and after your workout; even though you are in a pool, you are still sweating and can get dehydrated.
  • Stretch before aqua exercise.

Techniques for Moving Through the Water

There are literally hundreds of types of exercises for water aerobics, varying in intensity and experience level. 1st Lake Properties has compiled a few resources so you can put together your own water workout based on your fitness level.