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The Best Ways To Recycle At Home

Why recycle? It’s an important practice to get in the habit of and the benefits of recycling will make the environment a more healthy and happy place, which will in turn make all of us healthier and happier. As the world grows increasingly more environmentally conscious, the emphasis on recycling is as strong as ever. Sometimes it may not be obvious how or where to recycle, so we have some tips and best practices for recycling to make your life a little greener.

First thing’s first: what are recyclable materials? Before you start going wild with recycling, you need to know what you can actually recycle. Besides paper and plastic, metals like aluminum and copper as well as glass can be recycled. Certain plastics cannot be recycled, however, and are indicated by a number imprinted on the bottom of the container. Types 1 and 2 are always recyclable, type 4 is usually accepted but requires confirmation from your local recycling provider and type 7 may never be recycled.

Although paper is the most recycle-friendly material, paper with food stains or residue is not accepted.  Neither is plastic take out containers with food remnants. Styrofoam is not recyclable. Glass bottles as vessels for food and beverage are acceptable, but not medicinal bottles, glasses, plates or mugs.

A couple tips to keep in mind when sorting recyclables are never combine glass and ceramic materials, as that can be a dangerous combination that requires additional sorting at the recycling center. Also, sorting and labeling your recycling material into one compartment for bottles and cans and one compartment for paper and cardboard is helpful and required by some recycling services. In addition, all containers should be rinsed and cleaned of any particles and boxes should be broken down and flattened.

Now you’re ready to recycle! Here are the Louisiana and Mississippi recycling pick-up and drop off centers near 1st Lake Apartments.