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5 No-Money Apartment Makeover Ideas

The Internet makes it easy to shop from home, or you can take it old-school and turn on the television to watch QVC. But why not actually shop at home – as in, using the things you already own for a whole new look. Learn how to borrow from other rooms of the house below. You can give your apartment a fresh new look with some creative “shopping” – just make these five easy swaps from room to room.


Where it is now: The dining space or office

Where it should go: The bathroom

Why: Adding a chair to the bathroom instantly gives the space a chic, spa-like feel. You can also use it as added storage – place a stack of fluffy towels on it, or a tray topped with bath products and an orchid. Even if you never actually sit in it, the effect remains: your bathroom will feel more like a destination and a sanctuary than ever before.

Bar Cart

Where it is now: The dining space

Where it should go: The bedroom, the office space, the living room, the kitchen – anywhere!

Why: Bar carts are incredibly versatile and offer streamlined, portable storage. Fill one with books and nighttime accessories like lip-balm or hand cream for a unique bedside table, or try it in the living room filled with your favorite magazines. In the kitchen, stock it with pantry essentials or cookbooks. For your home office space, you can fill with necessary items like notepads, reference books (dictionaries or encyclopedias), mason jars filled with pens, and more.


Where it is now: The bedroom

Where it should go: The living room

Why: Use a dresser for storage in the living room just as you would for clothes in the bedroom. It provides the look of a console when topped with a TV and decorative elements like potted plants, picture frames, and a candle.


Where it is now: The bedroom or office space

Where it should go: The kitchen

Why: We make sure our properties offer plenty of cabinet space, but some kitchen items are just too pretty to keep hidden! Place your attractive kitchen items like cookbooks, beautiful bowls, or vases on a bookshelf for major visual impact (and added storage).


Where it is now: The living room

Where it should go: The dining space

Why: Give your dining space the vibe of a high-end restaurant when you swap chairs on one side of the table for a loveseat. This works best with a settee-style loveseat that has a high back and sits higher up, but you can always test it out and see what works – experimenting is half the fun!