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Understanding Your Lease And Sticking To It

You’ve scoured the real estate market to find the perfect new apartment rental in New Orleans and now you’re ready to move in!

Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure you read through your lease thoroughly and understand what it means. There are some basic protocols that you’ll need to remember, that if aren’t followed, might mean owing extra fees at the end of the month or even eviction in extreme scenarios.

As long as you know and honor what you’re signing up for, you’ll be able to enjoy all the comfort, convenience and amenities at 1st Lake Properties with no problems!

What happens if you break an apartment lease

It’s best to honor the full rental term as stated in your lease.

Sometimes, unforeseen life changes happen that force you to move. Contact your rental office as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Abandoning your rental property is a different story, however. The lessee will be in default if they abandon their property. In the case of abandonment, the property manager reserves the right to demand the remaining full amount of the unexpired rent term that will be due immediately.

What you are responsible for

There is certain conduct that renters are expected to uphold for certain reasons and common courtesy.

All 1st Lake apartment residents are required to:

  • take out their trash regularly
  • keep glass away from pool and gym areas
  • keep common areas, patios and balconies clean
  • keep entries and exits clear of obstructions

Charges for lost keys and late rent

It is a common policy that rent must be paid in full by midnight on the third day of each month. Residents who are late paying rent may be subject to a fee. Luckily, you can pay your rent online each month.

Make sure to keep track of your 1st Lake passes and keys or you may have to pay for replacement keys, passes or lock changes.

Security deposit

Upon moving in, residents will be given a move-in checklist to indicate if anything is damaged or not working properly. If not returned, it will be assumed everything is in good condition.

Upon moving out at the end of the rental lease term, the deposit will be returned in full or with necessary deductions for damages other than reasonable wear and tear. If damages exceed the cost of the security deposit, the former resident will be charged the difference. If the former resident doesn’t return keys, they will be charged for the lock replacement.

Get renters insurance to protect losses or damages associated with theft, weather, fire or electric problems that aren’t covered by the property!

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