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Ways to Revamp Your Rental

There are many creative ways to give your apartment a fresh look without violating your lease terms or causing any damage. Creating extra storage space in an attractive way is always a good idea, and adding your own pops of color will quickly and smartly enhance your interior. Here are some tips that will put you on the path to an apartment you’ll love to come home to!

Apartment Improvement Projects
removable wall decals

Funky and Functional – If you love wooden or industrial touches in your apartment, a great way to incorporate functional style is to search for separate pieces like ladders or doors at flea markets, hardware stores or home goods stores. Placing a ladder smartly in the kitchen or bathroom can be used for hanging towels or placing appliances. Using a door with extra knobs is a funky way to hang personal items like umbrellas, scarves, bags, hats and more.

Adding Interior Color – If you want some more color in your apartment, there are safe ways to add it without painting the walls. Removable wall decals come in all sorts of designs and colors for adding fun and creative patterns that will revitalize any room and give it unique personality. A more rustic and D.I.Y. approach to adding color would be to paint wooden pieces like plywood to lean against the wall for a more layered, natural look. Another material that is a great resource that can be personalized with some painted color is pegboard, which looks cool and can act as a hanger for a number of items.

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