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Where to Eat Lunch in Metairie and Kenner

The midday meal is an oft-forgotten one. Sometimes we eat it quickly and mindlessly at our desks at work, other times we blow through a drive-thru as we use our lunch break to conquer errands like going to the bank or the post office. While most people look forward to breakfast or dinner, lunch is the middle child of the food spectrum. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With so many great, local lunch options in Metairie and Kenner, you can take a REAL lunch break and enjoy some REAL food while you’re at it. Is it noon yet?

Get to the Greek

Mediterranean eats are a popular lunchtime choice, because you can opt for something light like tabbouleh and hummus, or enjoy a full-on feast with a decadent, savory gyro. In Metairie and Kenner, there are a few standouts.

Byblos Located on Metairie Road (one of several locations around Greater New Orleans), Byblos has an attractive but casual atmosphere and authentic Mediterranean menu items. Start with the muhumra dip – a mix of red peppers, walnuts, and pomegranate molasses – for a flavorful vegetarian appetizer.

Acropolis This Veterans Memorial Boulevard staple serves up tried-and-true favorites like homemade hummus alongside creative dishes like Pork Corfu – a center-cut grilled pork loin served with feta cheese and roasted potatoes. You can eat the leftovers for dinner!

Classic New Orleans

Drago’s Seafood – Oysters, shrimp, and all sorts of Gulf seafood are what’s on the menu at this Arnoult Road restaurant in Metarie. Order the charbroiled oysters first, then try the tuna. It doesn’t get more boat-to-table than at Drago’s – the yellowfin tuna comes directly from local fisherman and is on your plate that very day. Try it just slightly seared to let the flavors shine through.

Martin Wine Cellar – No, we don’t mean a liquid lunch. But you can pick up a French-style meal with gourmet cheeses and charcuterie at this spot on Veterans Memorial Boulevard plus a variety of sandwiches, entrees, soups, and quiches. Try the half-sandwich special dressed to order and served with your choice of the soup du jour, a salad, or a side of fresh fruit.

R & Os – Italian-accented Cajun dishes are the specialty at this Bucktown spot. The roastbeef po-boys are an excellent lunchtime choice. No-frills seafood platters, spaghetti, and chicken parm are other winners, and be sure to order the Italian tossed salad with olives.

Pan-Asian Eats

Pho OrchidBanh-mi, spring rolls, and vermicelli bun are all great options for lunchtime – you can eat them at room temperature, cold, or hot! Pho Orchid bakes its own bread for the banh-mi, and the pho has a wonderful depth of flavor if you’re craving soup. Wash it down with a Thai iced tea or Vietnamese iced coffee, both of which have a nice kick of caffeine to get you through the rest of the day.

Kanno Sushi – Fresh, California-style sushi in Fat City is a reality with Kanno. Beautifully plated dishes make even an office lunch break seem like an escape to some sort of spa resort. The Protein Roll with tuna, snowcrab, avocado, and salmon is tasty and healthy.

Korea House Get your whole lunch in a single bowl when you order the bibimbap, a mix of fragrant white rice and toppings to your liking, including typical options like beef and a fried egg.