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Which Rug Is Right For You?

Anyone else been super obsessed with rugs lately? 

It seems like every time we scroll through Insta or Pinterest, there’s another rug company we want to buy from or a new design that we just need to have!

Whether you’re looking to add flare, funk or just a practical piece of foot-warming fabric, rugs will give your space an upscale upgrade. (And hint: they don’t have to cost an upscale price!)

What To Consider When Selecting a Rug

In Joanna Gaines’ recent blog, she said the three most important things to consider when selecting a rug are your style, your space, and your lifestyle.  

What Your Life and Your Rug Have in Common

While rugs obviously serve as a staple design element in your home, selecting a rug goes beyond physical appearance. We can’t stress this enough. You need to know yourself to know the right rug for your home. For example, if you’re married to a mechanic who comes home a tad dirtier than a desk-dwelling counterpart, you might not want that all white shag rug. Or if you have a furry friend with muddy paws, same thought process applies. In either instance, you may opt for a natural-fiber rug. While you won’t get that soft and fluffy feel, you will get a longer lasting, life-resistant rug. Sites like Rugs USA offer chic and tough styles! 

Now before we can move on, there’s something you should know: 

Perhaps the most basic thing you should know while rug shopping is a term called “rug pile.” The pile of a rug refers to the density of a rug’s fibers. A flat rug would be described as having short piles, while a shaggy rug would be described as having long piles. In this One Kings Lane blog , you’ll discover 5 useful tidbits to help you choose the right rug pile! In general, shorter pile rugs are longer-lasting than longer piles! Plus, cleaning and maintaining shorter rugs is much easier than maintaining your 70’s shag (mostly because your vacuum won’t get in a tug of war with those pesky long fabrics). 

Photo from Rugs USA

Now, maybe you’re super clean, don’t do much playing in the dirt, and don’t have any pets. You could definitely swing that white fluffy rug. But for real, if you’re looking for that lush feel, you may want to move toward Moroccan rugs. These rugs are experts at keeping your toes toasty, while also pulling in some plushness. As you may have guessed, these are considered high-pile rugs and are usually made of cotton or wool. Check out some of these Moroccan looks from West Elm. 

Photo from West Elm, Souk Rug

Get Inspired 

A rug is an important decision, so don’t take it lightly. There are virtually thousands of different styles you can choose. To make your hunt a bit easier though, here’s a great read: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Rugs on a Budget from our friends at Apartment Therapy. So while you’re seeking the perfect piece, keep your eyes peeled for some design inspiration. Some of our favorite social accounts to follow these days are Loloi Rugs, West Elm and Apartment Therapy.

Still Need Tips?

You can find Joanna’s rug buying guide by clicking here. 

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