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Even though the Saints are not a part of the Super Bowl this year, there are still plenty of reasons to check out the big game! The Half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is being a part of the right gathering! If you plan on hosting a Super Bowl watch party, do it right!

If you’re trying to keep your watch party family friendly, there are several games you can play to keep things light-hearted and fun for all ages.

One game that can be played is Super Bowl Trivia:

  • Using colored construction paper in the colors of your favorite team, cut them up into squares of approximately playing card size.
  • Write down questions based on everyone’s favorite team, or use general Super Bowl trivia questions that can easily be found online.
  • Make sure no one cheats by using their smart phone!
  • For a family-style game, prizes can be given out to whoever gets the most questions right!

How about a play-along game! There are many ways to get creative with this.

  • Pass out 20 poker chips or something similar to each guest, keeping another 20 or so in the “pot.”
  • Each guest will choose a team, and a player In order to make it fair,  write player’s names on a piece of paper and have guests choose them randomly. Use those who are more likely to score, such as the kicker or a popular receiver or running back.
  • When someone on their chosen team incurs a penalty, they have to pay one chip back to the pot.
  • If their chosen player makes a play, they get a chip.
  • Whoever ends up with the most chips at the end of the game, wins a prize!

However you choose to enjoy the big game, have fun and make it interesting! The Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans next year, and there’s always hope that the Saints will be in that number!