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3 Keys to a Cozy Space

Create a cozy apartment with these three tips: 

  1. Throw blankets: Adding fall-inspired blankets in your space will create coziness in an instant. Hobby Lobby has plaid throw blankets for under $10 right now, and Target has ridiculously soft fall throws for under $20! We recommend snagging a few of these throw blankets and putting them in a designated basket in your living room. This will tell guests: you can get comfy here.

    Basket & Blanket from Hobby Lobby

  2. Throw pillows: Throw pillows and blankets are like the power couple everyone wants to be. Right now, deep orange, gold, and green hues are making a statement in the world of fall decor. Lucky for you, World Market has a great deal on throw pillows in a myriad of fall colors. You can snag these pillows for just $9.99 in store or online!

    Always a Deal Throw Pillows from World Market

  3. Textured Accents: From woven baskets to cotton pumpkins, we’ve found countless cozy ways to spice up our space. In this apartment, we created a comfy centerpiece by stuffing a plaid and burlap basket with gold spray painted pine cones, a bundle of burlap, a golden pom pom bush and floral accent pieces.  We got everything but the pine cones from Hobby Lobby. The pine cones were free. We found those at our apartment community under our trees!

Bonus tip: Next time you’re at the dollar store, grab a box of flameless, battery-powered candles. Sprinkling these throughout your apartment will create an ambiance of peace and quiet.

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