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Apartment Design Types: Industrial Style Decor

Interested in industrial style decor? Not quite sure what your interior design aesthetic is yet? If you’re new to the whole decorating your own apartment thing, there are several styles to choose from.

As always, your interior style comes down to your personal taste. While you’re exploring your options and finding the best fit for you, consider the industrial look, one of our favorite design styles. If you’re not sure what that is, below are some elements that fall under that category for your consideration!

Industiral style decor is the perfect aesthetic for decorating your apartment.

Industrial Apartment Decor

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Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Metal furniture – One feature of an industrial décor is metal furniture. This could be anything from metal standing shelves or file cabinets. What may have been considered too basic or not of high quality before has now become cool and chic, like reclaimed lockers and office furniture.

Accessories – If you like fixing up found objects or bygone products that aren’t operational anymore, like a typewriter, this may be a sign that you have an industrial aesthetic. Think differently about discarded materials and how you could incorporate them into your interior apartment design.

Colors – A major characteristic of the industrial decor style is the color palette, which includes a lot of steel blues and grays, and black and white. This might seem drab too some, but the use of these colors contributes to the interesting and unique industrial look, and really creates a warm vibe for white walls and when contrasted with wood flooring.

Distressed material – Another way to create industrial touches in your home is displaying distressed materials. Exposed brick and piping is a big industrial component, as well as distressed furniture. An easy way to create a distressed look is to sand painted pieces of furniture.

Edison bulbs – Edison light bulbs are a common detail used in industrial décor. For a bigger industrial effect, let them hang bare without a cover.