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Getting Cords Under Control In Your Apartment

Have you found yourself in a situation where the various cords in your apartment have become tangled and out of control, causing eye sores and even a fire hazard? You may be a victim of cord chaos, but not to worry. We have easy cord control solutions to make the exposed electrical wires in your home as out of sight and out of mind as possible.

Charging Stations – For mobile and portable devices, like cell phones and tablets, charging stations with multiple adapters will charge a variety of smaller electronic products. One carrier of these kinds of charging stations is Great Useful Stuff.

Ties – A common cause of cord dysfunction is loose cords laying or hanging free without any organization. Basic plastic zip ties or twist ties like Velcro bands offer an easy solution. By safely consolidating nearby cords together, you can eliminate a mess of intertwining cables.

Cable Storage – Do you have a drawer somewhere in your apartment that is a little haywire (pun intended)?  An easy and inexpensive way to store away cords and cables is to wrap them up and insert them inside a cardboard paper towel roll or poster canister.

Cord Identifiers – Often times, it’s not locating the cords you need, but knowing which one goes with each device. A typical area where you might encounter such a situation is the entertainment center or cable box. A clever and colorful way to identify several cords in one place are circular dot IDs, like the ones from Dotz.

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