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See Who’s Moving to the Suburbs in NOLA

In a recent survey on behalf of the National Association of Home Builders featured on, results showed that 66 percent of millennials wanted to live in the suburbs, compared with just 10 percent of millennials who preferred urban living. In New Orleans, this same trend has emerged, with more people (millennials in particular) opting for suburbs like Elmwood, Kenner, River Ridge, and Metairie over downtown.

We’ve already explored how renting is an enticing option when compared with home buying, so renting in the suburbs presents a doubly beneficial scenario for young professionals and anyone looking for a new space to call home.

bella bedroom

Ready to cozy up to a spacious, brand-new apartment just outside the city?

Apartments in the suburbs – and 1st Lake Apartments in particular — often give renters more bang for their buck with larger square footage and better amenities than buildings in downtown New Orleans. Let’s take a look at two new apartment buildings, for example. First up is an apartment located in downtown New Orleans. A 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment at this particular complex clocks in at just 904 square feet, and rent is $2,240 per month plus extra for parking.

Compare that with our Bella Ridge property – it’s brand-new, too, just like select downtown New Orleans buildings, and features added bonuses like an on-site dog park you simply won’t find at buildings in the New Orleans Central Business District. A 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment at Bella Ridge offers nearly 100 additional square feet for a total of 996 square feet. It also features better amenities, a covered parking garage (not to mention free parking) and easy access to the shops, restaurants, and convenience of Elmwood. So it must be more expensive, right? Wrong. A one-bedroom at Bella Ridge starts at $1,295 per month. That’s nearly $1,000 less per month – plus more space and better amenities – than a comparable apartment downtown.

Bella Ridge is just one example of so many beautiful, lushly appointed properties throughout our 1st Lake communities, which span throughout the suburbs. River Ridge apartments, with their convenient access to both downtown New Orleans and Metairie, truly offer the best of both worlds – and at a better price with more space. It’s easy to see why moving to the suburbs is a popular option for young professionals and anyone else interested in saving money while gaining convenience, space, and amenities. Are you ready to make the move?