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Home Decor for Small Apartments

Though we think even our studio apartments are spacious (and full of awesome amenities), space is always a concern. You don’t have to sacrifice style for space, though! Read on for a few easy ideas for home decor for small apartments below.

Home Decor for Small Apartments

Try a folding chair. You might think of this piece of furniture as one suited only to outdoor spaces, but think again! These folding chairs are ideal for small spaces and look so gorgeous you might not even want to fold them up and put them away. Whether you use them at the dining table or as extra seating for surprise guests, folding chairs are a chic space solution.

  • Ikea Terje Folding Chair — Under $20 and in a recent Pantone Color of the Year shade, Marsala? We’re sold on Ikea’s Terje folding chair. Perfect in the living room, kitchen, or patio, the chair also works as a decorative element – place it in a corner and stack a few favorite books on the seat for a bohemian look.
  • Ballard Café Folding Chairs (Set of Two) – Add European flair to your space with these classic bistro chairs. Extend the Parisian influence when styling – we like the French blue shade. Francophiles will also like the…
  • Ballard Louis Folding Chair – Bringing a regal, vintage aesthetic, the Louis folding chair has elaborate cane weaving and lovely carved details. It looks great with a linen cushion (sold separately), but you don’t need one.
  • Anthropologie Terai Folding Chair – The price tag is high, but this chair makes a huge statement. Built-in cushioning provides extra comfort and the graphic pattern (available in a range of subtle shade differences) creates a dramatic focal point.

Let there be light. Opting for decor in light hues like white, cream, or rose quartz creates an optical illusion that a space is larger. Since the walls at our 1st Lake Properties are already painted in light hues, we’ve already assisted with half the battle!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Incorporating mirrors into your home decor for small apartments is an easy way to create the feeling of more space. Mirrors — particularly full-length mirrors — add dimension to a room and are an interesting visual focal point.

Raise the roof. Try hanging floor-to-ceiling decorative curtains to create a lengthening, heightening effect. You can also use this same approach for a DIY curtain headboard.