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Tips for Apartment Living with Pets

According to some studies, over half of the apartment renters in the United States own a pet. Living with pets can be a challenge, but for those of you that have pets, you know that it is well worth it to have your best friend around. We’ve created a list of tips to make living with a pet in an apartment an enjoyable experience (for you and your neighbors).

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Establish Bathroom Routines

One of the most important parts of living with a pet is making sure they have a routine for bathroom breaks. Establish routine times to take your pet outside, and train them where it is acceptable for them to go to the bathroom. If your pet develops a routine, your chances of coming home to a mess are greatly reduced. This keeps your apartment clean and your guests happy.

When it comes to cats, make sure you place litterboxes in a relatively private place. 

Give Your Pets Time to Exercise

Allowing your pets to expend their energy will make your home much calmer. Certain high-energy breeds of dogs need exercise, and they love playing fetch and other games that require large amounts of space. If your job doesn’t allow you the time to take your pet outside to play very often, you can hire a professional dog walker to take care of it for you.

Consider the Breed

If you haven’t bought a pet yet but are planning on it, do some research and choose a breed that is well-suited for apartment living. Smaller, calmer breeds are ideal for apartments since they require less space to expend energy. Additionally, some breeds have more energetic personalities and aren’t advisable apartment pets unless it’s certain that you can provide them with plenty of time to play and exercise.

Pet-Proof Your Apartment

Before you allow your pet into the apartment, make sure it is safe for them. Inspect rooms at their level, making sure there isn’t any hazardous electrical wiring or harmful objects available to them. Place any clothing items that you don’t want to be chewed on in a location your pets can’t reach. Also, check out this list of potentially harmful plants and make sure they aren’t in your apartment.

Once you’ve taken these simple steps to make living with your pet safe and enjoyable, welcome them home! If you’d like more information on apartment living with pets, check out these great resources: Pets Best, BarkPost, and TripsWithPets.