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Where To Quench Your King Cake Cravings

It seems like each new Mardi Gras season brings a whole new wave of king cake creations.  With just one week left of Carnival, you have lots to try and little time!  To make things a little easier, here’s our breakdown of the delectable desserts you must try before it’s too late! 

Chocolate Addict? Us Too.

That’s why we’re obsessed with Bittersweet Confections’ Chocolate King Cake filled with chocolate cream cheese. Cue the drool. 

The Bittersweet Confections Chocolate King Cake (Photo: Bittersweet Confections)

Cannolis and Cookies…In a King Cake? Oh Yeah. 

Two unexpected favorites of ours include the Cannoli King Cake from Nor-Joe Imports (Metairie’s Favorite Italian Deli & Grocery) and Cookie Dough King Cake from Caluda’s King Cake! Both of these spots are centrally located near many of our apartment communities. The Cannoli King Cake is everything you are thinking and more. The delicious traditional king cake gets an Italian twist with sliced almonds topping this decadent, cannoli-filled pastry. 

Nor-Joe Cannoli King Cake (Photo: Nor-Joe)

Back at Caluda’s King Cakes, you’ll get your hands on special flavors each week like Cookie Dough King Cake and Banana’s Foster. But you might miss your window of opportunity on your new favorite flavor, because this baking crew rolls out new dough each week! Check their Instagram to keep yourself in-the-know. 

(Photo: Caluda’s King Cake)

Trying to Be Healthy This Carnival?

How about some portion control to help curb the carbs? District Donuts has you covered (sort of) by offering king cake donuts. Get all the king cake flavors jam packed into a tiny(ish) version of this season’s sweet of choice. 

(Photo: District Donuts)

Now if you’re really trying to cool it with the carbs and sugar, try the healthy king cake everyone’s been talking about: Eat Fit Nola’s King Cake. This traditional treat checks all our health boxes: it’s all-natural, gluten-free, Keto friendly, low carb, & absolutely delicious. Yep, that about does it. 

Eat Fit King Cake (Photo: Eat Fit Nola)

Tried All Those and Still Want More?

Our friends at GoNola wrote a very extensive blog on all the king cake finds this city offers. Check it out here!