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Apartment Color Decorating Ideas: Interior Color Palette

Moving into a new place? Feeling stuck on how to decorate and personalize your apartment color? A good way to start is by choosing a color palette.

One of the great things about color is you can change the motif from room to room depending on what works best in your apartment.

Here are the interior design color combinations that are safe bets for decorating. Consider incorporating them into your apartment’s aesthetic for a hip, current and striking interior design you’ll love!

Interior Design Trends: Using ColorChoosing an apartment color palette is an essential step for decorating your apartment just the way you like it.

All the design blogs and magazines agree that purple, blue and neutral hues are great design choices for apartment colors. If you need new or updated furniture or apartment accessories, this is a great opportunity to purchase with these colors in mind.

Purple and blue hues make a great complement to white or beige colored walls. Adding these hues make those accent pieces pop in your apartment. Try purchasing rugs, throw pillows, blankets, ottomans or chairs in these rich colors.

Looking for a fun project? Try painting dining room chairs, trunks or a chest of drawers in these colors to customize the furniture you already have.

For neutral hues, use the white walls in your apartment to your advantage with statement pieces, bold prints and wooden furniture. These will offset the white tones for a balance of natural and bright qualities. Indoor plants will also add that pop of color to a neutral toned room.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme For You

Choosing a color scheme to decorate your home isn’t as simple as black and white. Elements such as hue, saturation, and tint each contribute to the overall look of a color.

Mood is a consideration, too – many psychologists believe certain hues encourage certain feelings. Colors can make you feel things like happiness, excitement, or tranquility.

To be clear, the majority of renters are not permitted to make permanent changes to their living space such as painting a room.* But changing the mood can be as simple as accenting with objects d’art of a particular palette.

Unsure of the hue that would be best for you? Check out our rainbow sampling below for ideas on splashing some color into your home.

Seeing Red

Seeing red isn’t always a bad thing.

PhD Psychologist Sally Augustin writes that energy levels go up as color saturation increases. “Brighter, more saturated colors improve our mood,” she explains in her book Place Advantage.

Hues like red, for example, ramp up the pituitary gland, leading to increased energy. Red accent pieces can add vitality to a room without overpowering with too much color.

Decorating Blues

Blue, one of the coolest colors in terms of temperature, is associated with the feeling of tranquility.

But, in overabundance, cool blues can give a home an aloof or unfriendly appearance. Color consultant Leatrice Eiseman suggests light pastel blues in her book, Colors for Your Every Mood. They help create a “delicate, detached, ethereal ambiance.”

Mellow Yellow

In The New Home Color Book by Anna Kasabian, yellow is the new neutral color.

According to Kasabian, yellow is “warmer and more sumptuous than white. It works well as a backdrop for dark or black furnishings and heightens the honey tones in polished wood floors.”

To add some golden warmth to your own home, try sprucing up rooms with cheerful yellow throw pillows or window treatments.

* A Word to the Wise for Renters *

As a New Orleans apartment management firm, we must add a note for renters. Decorating with color doesn’t always mean painting. But, if you are so inclined, be sure to contact your apartment manager or landlord for rules on painting rental property. No amount of color will make up for the green that you could lose if your terms are not followed out (i.e., goodbye deposit).

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